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Bravely Default II

Join us for some Bravely Default II on today's GR Live

We're checking out the sequel to the 2013 Nintendo 3DS RPG.

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We're back for another edition of GR Live, and for today's stream, we are going to be checking out the latest instalment in the Bravely Default series, in Bravely Default II. This title promises to be an exciting JRPG tale with a diverse combat system, a pleasing visual style and a great soundtrack, so be sure to join Rebeca when she tries out the Square Enix published game later today.

As usual, be sure to join us at the GR Live homepage at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET for two hours of action, and if you are looking for some more Bravely Default II content to tie you over until then, be sure to check out our review and video review of the Nintendo Switch title right here.

Bravely Default II

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