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Path of Exile

It took two hours for Path of Exile to run in 4K on Xbox One X

Grinding Gear Games' massive action-RPG is coming to Xbox One late summer or early fall.

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Grinding Gear Games are bringing Path of Exile to Xbox One and we caught up with technical director Jonathan Rogers to learn more.

"The main thing is the GPU is really fast", says Rogers of the benfits of Xbox One X. "It's a fast console. When we got the console, within two hours of receiving it, we got the game running at 4K, because it's just powerful enough to just do it. As a developer that's just makes it really easy to get that kind of visual quality."


The interview also covered new and upcoming content, as well as the expansive skill tree found in Path of Exile.

Path of Exile is available now on PC (originally fully launched back in 2013) and will arrive on Xbox One late summer or early fall.

Path of Exile

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