Expeditions: Viking

In Expeditions: Viking you can continue from most defeats

We talk to Logic Artists about building a branching narrative where you can win and lose encounters with the story carrying on.

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We caught up with Logic Artists' creative director Jonas Wæver at PAX East to chat about the upcoming release of Expeditions: Viking.

"We started on this 2.5 years ago", says Wæver. "We were still working on Clandestine, our last game, at the time, so we were spinning it up and since then we've just been chugging along."

"Expeditions: Viking is a party-based RPG in the vein of Divinity: Original Sin or Dragon Age: Origins. It's real-time in exploration and then turn-based in combat. Rather than being fantasy we've chosen a historical setting. It takes place in the Viking age, 790 AD."

The interview also goes into depth about the branching narrative and how the team made it a point that losing a battle or encounter should not mean the end of your journey.

"For most of the game you can continue from any defeat, and that's obviously been a lot of work for us to set that up. But it makes it possible for instance to play it in Iron Man mode where you only get one save game and then it's the end if you lose."

Expeditions: Viking launches on April 27th for PC (and possibly Mac).

Expeditions: Viking

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