Head:Set 4 & Head:Set X

Snakebyte's new gaming headsets are small in size, but versatile.

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The Head:Set X and Head:Set 4 are the two new headsets by Snakebyte for PS4 and Xbox One respectively. From here on in, however, we're just going to refer to them both as one and the same, because despite colour-coding and packaging that indicates platform specificity, these headsets are actually fully compatible with both consoles, and can even be used on PC and Switch.

This makes very little difference at the end of the day, but it might be an interesting thing to know for parents looking to get matching headsets for two children. Whether on Xbox or PlayStation, you could get one of each and be comfortable in the knowledge that they'll work across both platforms. Blue for one, green for t'other, and no arguments over whose is whose (well, parents will know that's just us being hopeful). Still, it's an interesting aside that we're surprised the manufacturer hasn't made more of.

The headsets themselves are cute but rather small. Again, this makes them great for younger heads. Grown-ups can wear them too, however, and the adjustable headband makes them easy to adapt and the cushioned underside ensures that they're comfortable on the ol' noggin. They're also pretty light and you can wear them for an extended period without feeling fatigue, which can sometimes be an issue when wearing more heavy duty headsets.

The fabric-covered earcups are on the small side, but they're comfortable, and there's a bit of give that means they'll easily snuggle up to your ears. The mic is not only adjustable, but removable, so if you're just intending on playing and not talking, you can remove the mic with zero hassle and get on with your game. You can mute it and adjust the volume via the in-line controls, and the whole thing can fold away for easy storage.

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The sound quality is pretty solid, and while it won't be winning any awards, it certainly does the job. The volume was a little on the low side, but it certainly wasn't a deal breaker and we were never straining to hear. Similarly, we had no complaints from friends when playing online, and they could hear our voice clearly enough. For a headset that costs less than £20, it's pretty decent.

There's a lot to like about the Head:Set, but there's still one thing that holds it back, and that's the build quality. The plastic around the joints doesn't feel particularly robust, the fabric can and will slip off of the cups, and there's a cable linking the headband to the earcups that sticks out and looks particularly vulnerable to being pulled or caught. Given their pricing and diminutive size, these headsets are ideal for younger gamers, but we can't envisage them being durable enough to last as long as more robustly-designed alternatives.

Despite not feeling particularly hard-wearing, the Head:Set range does offer a number of benefits. If you're after a cheap little headset with a detachable mic that's easy to store and move around, then this is certainly worth a look. Similarly, parents looking for a starter headset for their young one/s will find these well-suited. The only question mark hangs over the robustness of their design. Apart from that, they're a good option worth consideration.

Update: After a few months both headsets had broken and needed to be replaced. As such, we've adjusted the score below.

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Head:Set 4 & Head:Set X
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