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Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online is getting a story expansion with Dr. Dre and Franklin

We're getting new music from the famous producer/rapper and Snoop Dogg, new vehicles, more weapons and a few other goodies next week.

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I was dumb enough to believe that Snoop Dogg knew his stuff when he said Dr. Dre was working on new music for "the GTA game that's coming out" back in October, which lead me think he was talking about GTA VI or Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition. Turns out, it was for the thing we all would have expected if Mr. Dogg had said it any other way.

Rockstar has released a trailer announcing that GTA Online is getting a story expansion called The Contract on December 15, and this is definitely what Snoop was referring to. Because Franklin Clinton has done fairly well for himself after the single-player's ending, and is now the owner of a "celebrity solutions agency". Or...done well might be pushing it, as he's still missing the big high-profile client, but that's where Dr. Dre comes in. The famous producer/rapper's phone, with unreleased music on it, has ended up it the wrong peoples' hands, so we're going to team up with Franklin, Lamar, Chop the Dog, expert hacker Imani, and crew to get those tracks back and hopefully sign Dre by doing so.

These tracks can be listened to in the game of course, and you can hear one example in the trailer below. That's not everything the expansion has in store either. The story will also take us to new buildings, offer a new radio station and updates to old ones (including more tracks from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and "a heavy-hitting line-up of artists"), new weapons in the form of a stun gun and compact EMP launcher, special hit jobs and more that will be detailed in the coming days leading up to launch.

Grand Theft Auto V

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