Godfather director on Barbenheimer: 'A victory for the art of cinema'

He hasn't seen either movie, but is glad they've both got some major success.

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We've written repeatedly about what box office successes Barbie and Oppenheimer have proved to be, with the former grossing over $700 million - and pushing the latest Mission Impossible film out of several cinemas. In other words, Barbenheimer's box office record has been colossal and Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola, interviewed via Instagram, couldn't be happier with the situation - even if he personally hasn't seen these films yet:

"I have yet to see them, but the fact that people are filling big theatres to see them and that they are neither sequels nor prequels, no number attached to them, meaning they are true one-offs, is a victory for cinema."

Coppola, who has previously criticised the Marvel franchise for its repetitive sequels, also appeared to have hope for a bright future for cinema, if Barbenheimer is any indication:

"My hunch is that we're on the verge of a golden age. Wonderful and illuminating cinema seen in large theaters."

Have you seen Barbie and/or Oppenheimer?How do you see the film climate today?

Godfather director on Barbenheimer: 'A victory for the art of cinema'

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