God of War

God of War comic hits the shelves in November

It's a prequel to Santa Monica Studio's game.

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Dark Horse has revealed in a blog post that they're making a comic miniseries based on the highly successful God of War game from Sony and Santa Monica Studios, which will be split into four parts and chronicle the life of Kratos before we meet him in the new game.

The first issue will hit the stands on November 14, and the series is written by Chris Roberson (iZombie, Witchfinder), illustrated by Tony Parker (Mayday, This Damned Band), Dan Jackson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Disney Pixar's Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life! & Other Stories), and the awesome cover is provided by E.M. Gist (The Strain, Will Save The Galaxy for Food).

"The God of War comic series finds Kratos living in the remote Norse wilds after his war on the gods of Olympus. Seeking to put the rage that defined most of his life behind him, Kratos inadvertently sparks a feud with a mysterious cult of berserkers after attempting to save a stranger being mauled by a monstrous bear. But for the former Ghost of Sparta, no good deed goes unpunished," the description reads.

The game is also getting a novelization written by none other than J.M. Barlog, Cory Barlog's father, which will be published by Titan Books, and is slated for release in two week's time, on August 28.

Will you be getting all of this?

God of War

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