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Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands gets permadeath mode and more

It's not easy being an elite operative.

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It's been three months since the second season of Ghost Recon: Wildlands arrived with a fun cameo from Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, and now it's time for part two, with Special Operations 2 bringing what sounds like a significant update, both for the campaign mode and Ghost War.

Many players have said that the campaign is too easy, so Ubisoft will include something called Ghost Mode this time around. This will turn the realism pretty much up to the max by making some interesting changes, as Ghost Mode restricts you to only using one main weapon and one handgun at a time, and we'll only have the option to replace these by using ammo boxes or looting enemies. Also, you know that magical aspect of most shooters that magically transfers bullets from the magazine we just threw away over to the ones we're still carrying? That's disabled as well, so you better think twice before reloading your weapon. You should roll with teammates you trust too, as friendly fire will be enabled, which is especially important to consider this time around because Ghost Mode is permadeath. Dying here means that you'll lose your character's progress, which means that you'll have to start with a new one from scratch, although the good news is that playing this mode will give you the chance to get some special rewards.

Then there's Ghost War, as the PvP mode will get two new classes, two new maps (including a much requested snow terrain), a victory screen after matches, daily challenges that will reward you with Prestige Credits, an Observer Mode to makes watching and showcasing matches much easier and better, new items in the loot boxes (including weapons, emotes, victory poses, and voice lines), ranked competitive seasons, and we'll finally get to earn and use Prestige Credits in both the campaign, Ghost Mode, and Ghost War.

We're also told that there will be another special PvE event, but the developers want to keep details about this under wraps until closer to launch. Speaking of launch, those of you who own the Year 2 Pass will get access to Ghost Mode, the new Ghost War classes and a few other goodies on July 24, while everyone else will have to wait till July 31.

You can hear the developers go into further details in the video below, but are you impressed with these changes?

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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