Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has introduced its new Dendro character, Emilie

She will arrive with version 4.8, although she has previously appeared in the "Roses and Muskets" event.

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MiHoYo recently unveiled Emilie, the new Dendro of Genshin Impact. She is an excellent perfumer from Fontaine, known as "A Thousand Scents Traced". Her perfumes focus on fresh and fruity fragrances, and serve to modify and regulate mood. Apparently, although not confirmed, it is rumoured to be used with the burn mechanics.

The confirmation has been made through the social network X, where Genshin Impact has published its design. So far, no images of her have been shown and all that could be seen were fan arts, but she has been mentioned before in the history of the title, specifically in the Roses and Muskets event.

This revelation comes just before the release of version 4.7, scheduled for tomorrow. It is also expected to be introduced in the title's next patch on 17 July. In fact, this is a curious case, as it is the first Dendro user since the arrival of Kiara more than a year ago and their debut in the Fontaine region.

So far all the details that are known about the scent expert, however, fans have already expressed their opinions, ranging from people who praise her design, to a dissatisfied public who claim that it looks like a fanmade outfit.

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