Payday 2

Gage Ninja Pack brings exotic weapons to Payday 2

Throwing stars star in latest DLC pack.

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505 Games has not been shy about releasing new DLC for Payday 2. The latest is called the "Gage Ninja Pack", and it's the 26th content drop for the crime-themed co-op shooter.

It contains three new ranged weapons, four new melee weapons, shurikens, new masks and new achievements. The pack is now available through Steam and other digital stores for €4.99 / £3.99

Global Brand Director of Starbreeze Studios Almir Listo had this to say about the new pack: "Our beloved arms dealer Gage is back! The community will surely rejoice when they see what he brought with him from the Far East. I think this weapon pack DLC is one of the most fun ones we've done so far. There's tons of new weapons - my personal favorites are the Shuriken throwing stars."

Payday 2

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