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Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake: New image spotted by a fan

It seems to expose the fight against the famous Air Buster.

Three years ago, at E3 2015, an announcement was made that lots of RPG fans had been waiting for for a long time: the remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, since then information regarding the remake has been pretty scarce. It's the kind of silence that has pushed more impatient players to dig up the smallest clues and any details about the game that are unintentionally released.

This is the case for DKHF who noticed something in a job offer posted by Square Enix. More specifically, on the screen of the developer Naoko Hamaguchi you can see a new image of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Of course, the photo doesn't reveal much but it still offers an interesting preview of what awaits us. We can see the Air Buster Boss looking much more menacing than it did in the original.

This image will nonetheless come under the collective scrutiny of fans. That is until E3 this year, where we hope to see much more of this long-awaited remake. Are you also looking forward to getting your hands on it?

Final Fantasy VII: Remake

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