Fe's story to last between seven and eight hours

Fe's story to last between seven and eight hours

Completionists will get a bit more though.

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Fe, the upcoming narrative adventure from Zoink Games, has captured hearts and minds ever since it was revealed back in 2015, and now we're finally closing in on the release date of February 16. The game is being published by EA as part of the Originals label, which previously has included Unravel, a game with just a couple of hours of beautiful platforming, but now we know that Fe is a bit longer than that.

In an interview with WCCFTech director Andreas Beijer has revealed that the game's story is 7 or even 8 hours long. The world is divided into sections, where you can explore freely, so completionists might even get more out of the game than that.

"If you were set on just completing the 'main quest' I would think perhaps [it would last] about 7-8 hours," he said. "Then you are free to roam around and find all the secrets and that really depends on the player how much time that takes. It's hard to say really. I'm thinking of the world of Fe as big enough to get lost in but small enough to get to know it all."

Lastly, Beijer also had a bit of praise for their publisher EA, and he promised that the company hasn't meddled with the game's creative vision:

"It has been amazing to have them onboard actually. I understand it might sound like I'm paid to say this but that's the honest truth. They have provided so much help without meddling with the artistic vision of the game and it has been fantastic for us to be able to use their experience and knowledge of making and publishing games."

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