Fable II

Fable II gets Knothole Island

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Lionhead Studios and Microsoft have announced the first downloadable content for Fable II which is to be released in mid-December. The content will add a new island with three quests set in three dungeons as well as new items, weapons and outfits. The Knothole Island DLC will cost 800 points, and there will also be a free update that is perhaps better described as a patch allowing players without the premium DLC to interact with players who have purchased the DLC (both players will need the premium DLC to play together on Knothole Island however). Both the free and premium downloads will also include "gifts" including Knight's Boots, Assassins Gloves, a special Weight Loss Potion (wohoo!) and collectible silver book.

Here is a handy bullet point list of what the premium DLC includes:

* Embark on 3 unique quests set in 3 unique dungeons.
* Unravel the mystical secrets of the resurrection shrine.
* Try on a whole new range of outfits and look like an armoured knight, an assassin, a barbarian or a leather-clad biker, among many others.
* Brandish 6 new weapons.
* Dozens of unique potions that will drastically alter your appearance.
* Customise your weapons the way you want with the new augment tool and a whole new array of augments.
* +50 additional leaderboards.

Fable II
Fable II
Fable II

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