Fable Anniversary

Fable Anniversary gets February release date

Producer Craig Oman reveals some of the incoming improvements.

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A release date for Fable Anniversary has been confirmed today on Xbox.com, with the remastered version of the Lionhead Xbox original heading to European Xbox 360s on February 7, 2014.

Included with the announcement is an interview with producer Craig Oman. When asked what fans would first notice in the re-mastered game, he said: "Apart from how good everything looks, I think the first thing the fans will notice is that it still feels like the same game and that was very important to us. We wanted to add fidelity to the world and to the characters without changing the core experience."

Fable Anniversary

Oman also detailed changes coming to the save system in the updated game: "We brought the save system up to more modern day standards. The original game had a ‘World Save' when you were not on a quest and very confusing ‘Hero Save' for when you were on a quest. The major problem being that you couldn't save your progress during most of the quests, so if you died or had to switch off the console you would lose all of your progress. We changed all of this so you now have checkpoint saves when you are on a quest to automatically save your progress and you can create a manual save at any point in the game."

SmartGlass features were also elaborated on: "SmartGlass is a very exciting technology for us and it has been the main way for us to add extra detail and information to the game without modifying the original design. Fans of the original game will really enjoying reading the character bios as they play through and learning even more about everyone's backstory. In every region you can also check out screenshots from the original game to see exactly how far we have pushed the visual quality since the original."

Along with the details included above, there's also a couple before-and-after pictures that show the kind of visual evolution fans can expect to see when the game launches early next year.

Fable AnniversaryFable Anniversary

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