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Erica is a PlayLink game with big decisions

This was revealed in Paris today.

PlayLink is Sony's system whereby you can use your phone as a controller for certain PS4 games, and Flavourworks' Erica has just been announced by Sony at Paris Games Week.

Erica is a game with a lot of choices to make and features live-action, tasking you with guiding Erica through her tough decisions. Bear in mind, though, to not break the seal, as mentioned in the trailer, because that could have the worst consequences of all.

Do you like PlayLink titles?

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"It's dense, gripping, and very much worth the wait - we can't wait to see what Flavourworks does next."

Erica has a surprise launch

Erica has a surprise launch

NEWS. Written by Sam Bishop

Gamescom Opening Night Live had a surprise up its sleeve, and we have a release trailer to go with the arrival.

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