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Epic wants to bring Fortnite back to the App Store but Apple is having none of it

Epic is looking to start by relaunching the battle royale in South Korea, following a new law that forces Apple to allow alternative in-app payment options.

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The Epic vs. Apple saga has been an entertaining and illuminating one to say the least. The situation has resulted in Fortnite and other Epic products being scrubbed from the App Store after Epic tried to add alternative in-app purchasing methods to Fortnite, going against Apple's own regulations. Since this has happened, Apple (and for that matter, Google) has been in the firing line for holding a monopoly on in-app purchasing systems on the App Store (and the Google Play Store), with certain countries even now passing laws to force the massive companies to allow alternative in-app purchasing systems.

One of these countries is South Korea, who is looking to pass a bill that will give developers more freedom in how they generate revenue from their products, without Apple or Google taking a big slab of the revenue for themselves. With this plan in mind, Epic is looking to relaunch Fortnite on the App Store in South Korea, but it doesn't look like Apple has any intentions of letting that happen.

"Epic has asked Apple to restore our Fortnite developer account," said Epic in a tweet. "Epic intends to re-release Fortnite on iOS in Korea offering both Epic payment and Apple payment side-by-side in compliance with the new Korean law."

Following up to this, an Apple spokesperson told The Verge, "As we've said all along, we would welcome Epic's return to the App Store if they agree to play by the same rules as everyone else. Epic has admitted to breach of contract and as of now, there's no legitimate basis for the reinstatement of their developer account."

We'll have to see how this changes when the South Korean law does go into effect, but Apple seems to believe that it won't have any effect on the company's process for allowing developers onto the App Store, meaning despite new in-app purchasing regulations, Epic still won't be on the App Store.


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