Total War: Rome II

Emperor Edition launches for Rome II

New campaign lands alongside content update.

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Creative Assembly has just released the Emperor Edition of Total War: Rome II, the strategy title that released last year but that has been heavily updated since it first came to market.

The Emperor Edition brings together all of the free content for the strategy game that has released thus far, a number of updates and tweaks (it's the fifteenth update in this respect), and a new campaign for generals to play through.

The Imperator Augustus Campaign is a new scenario that offers several starting factions from across a revised game map, with a start date around a period of great turmoil in the Roman Empire, with Julius Caesar recently dead and several key historical figures vying for dominance.

The update is free for all players who have already bought the game. Those with a copy of the game will also get a Mac version of the game if they want to switch platforms. For more details on the new content and gameplay tweaks, head this way.

Total War: Rome II

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