The Order: 1886

E3: Ready at Dawn - The Order: 1886

Studio discusses gameplay mechanics for newly announced IP.

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One of the games announced during Sony's E3 conference was Ready at Dawn's The Order: 1886. We talked with studio co-founder Ru Weerasuriya about the new IP and found out more about what we can expect when it launched on Playstation 4.

"The core experience is that it's a single player action adventure game," explained Weerasuriya. "It's a linear story-drive action adventure game and that's kind of always what we've done, it's the expertise that we've built over time. So we didn't want to change that really."

The Ready at Dawn co-founder then elaborated on the game, explaining more about how it would play: "The gameplay experience in itself, you saw some of the shooting mechanics... in the cinematic [trailer] itself you saw some shooting, there will definitely be that, but we're building a lot more, and we're building a lot more moment-to-moment mechanics that you're going to find, you know once we finally reveal more gameplay."

Watch the rest of the GRTV interview for more on how the company hopes to expand on the new IP, their explanation for the futuristic technology set to feature in their vision of neo-Victorian London, and how the game ended up on the stage during Sony's conference at E3.

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