Grand Theft Auto V

Drive like James Bond in GTA Online this holiday

The Dewbauchee JB 700W is ready to roll, plus seasonal bodysuits are on the horizon either side of the new year.

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We recently called Grand Theft Auto V our Game of the Decade here at Gamereactor (you can find out the rest of our top twenty right here) and a big part of the reason is the ongoing support from Rockstar for GTA Online, the multiplayer portion of the game that's still going strong after all these years.

The latest content update for the game brings with it a few neat additions, including seasonal bodysuits that are dropping for players who sign in on December 31 and January 1. Before that - well, now in fact - players can get behind the wheel of the Dewbauchee JB 700W (which is available to buy from Warstock Cache & Carry), a James Bond-inspired take on the superspy's iconic Aston Martin.

What's more, players can expect the aforementioned bodysuits (the Yellow Reindeer Lights Bodysuit on December 31 and the Neon Festive Lights Bodysuit on January 1), as well as a care package that includes "the Firework Launcher, 20 Firework Rockets, plus full Snacks and Armor." Happy new year indeed.

Grand Theft Auto V

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