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Overwatch 2

Don't expect to hear about Overwatch 2's PvE mode soon

We're told by an executive producer that the team is "super focused on Season 2" currently and that PvE and more news will come "in the future".

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Anyone who is hoping that Blizzard will get around to showing off and talking about Overwatch 2's PvE mode fairly soon will unfortunately have to face the fact that it's not on the developer's immediate timeline.

As noted by executive producer Jared Neuss in a reply on Twitter, the developer said that the team is currently

"super focused on Season 2"

and that this is operating what he would describe as the "soon" timeframe.

As for what this means for news on PvE and other highly requested features, Neuss added, "We'll be talking about PvE and other highly anticipated features in the future but you may have to wait a bit. I know that's not a super satisfying answer, but I honestly can't say more."

At least Overwatch 2 fans at least have some Ramattra gameplay and information coming over the coming days.

Overwatch 2

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