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Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II Definitive Edition

Larian's excellent RPG has arrived on consoles.

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Divinity: Original Sin II has already swept many PC owners off their feet. With the Definitive Edition of the game PS4 and Xbox One owners can now get in on the action, and oh boy they have something to look forward to. If you're already familiar with this gem from Larian Studios and mostly interested in how the game performs on consoles, you might as well jump to the last pair of paragraphs of this review. If you've yet to get your hands on this RPG-masterpiece though, please keep reading and let us spread the good word that is Divinity: Original Sin II.

It's an isometric RPG with turn-based combat that's set in a fantasy world that isn't particularly original, although it does have some very interesting variations on familiar themes. But what really sets Divinity: Original Sin II apart is the attention to detail, the nonlinear - yet perfectly curated - gameplay and the fact that it's filled to the brim with great stories.

Divinity: Original Sin II

When you start the game, you realise just how much emphasis they've put on the storytelling. Six pre-made characters are telling you their background story that gives you both a great introduction to their personality and narrative, and also encourages you to get to know them better. We would recommend playing with these origin characters, since they have so much depth to both their character and story compared to your own custom-created generic hero. If you choose to play with Fane, who is an undead, for example, you will have to keep his face covered up, since townsfolk don't react kindly to the living dead. No matter what character you choose, you will meet the rest of the characters at the start of your adventure, and from there you can recruit them to your party which consist of up to four players. Even though you get to see some of the other characters' stories through having them in your party, it's hard not to look forward to your next playthrough, so you can see the world from a different character's perspective.

Divinity: Original Sin II just has so many stories to tell, and it's always up to you how you want to interact with them. If you have the patience to let it all in, there's an overflow of interesting and cool content. Every place, book, and dialog section reveals something exciting about the world, and it's really well written and perfectly balances the absurdly funny (without too much of the silliness from its predecessor) and deep seriousness. There are so many surprises and mysteries to find that you want to search every nook and cranny of the world.

But you can't get everything the first time you play Divinity: Original Sin II - you have to accept that every choice you take means excluding yourself from another part of the story. In one game an NPC might be a faithful companion, in another, you might've removed his head because you didn't like his attitude; you are in complete control of how you want to face your adventure. You can always cut some corners if you haven't got the patience to read and hear all the stories the game has to tell, but let it be said that so many of the choices you make actually matter. We know cause the save system is oddly slow. That meant that we shut down our PS4 before my game was saved multiple times, although this did allow us to see how different our adventure could look, had we played it just slightly differently.

Divinity: Original Sin IIDivinity: Original Sin II
Divinity: Original Sin IIDivinity: Original Sin II
Divinity: Original Sin II