Did you install Linux on your PS3? Then Sony owes you $55

Sony has settled the class-action lawsuit against them for removing Linux functionality.

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Back when Sony and Microsoft revealed their seventh generation consoles, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, they were in a war of who could shove the most bullet points onto their spec sheets.

That war was why early PlayStation 3 designs had three Ethernet ports, and probably also played a part in the fact that you could install and run the Linux operating system on early models of the PS3.

Sony later removed the Linux option with a software update, as hackers had discovered that they could use it to circumvent anti-piracy functions on the console. But removing the Linux features - which Sony had advertised in the marketing of the console - pissed off a bunch of people.

Some of those people filed a class-action lawsuit, stating that they'd been cheated by Sony. And yesterday, Sony agreed to a settlement in that lawsuit.

According to Ars Technica, Sony has agreed to pay $55 to anyone who actually used the Linux feature. The settlement still needs to be approved by the judge of the case, and she'll decide on July 19.

Did you install Linux on your PS3? Then Sony owes you

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