Insectum: Epic Battles of Bugs

DevilishGames announces a great "little" deck game for October, Insectum - Epic Battles of Bugs

It's a card strategy title in which insects will be the main characters, with six arenas to fight in and more than fifty levels.

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Devilish Games today announced its next title after Minabo: A Walk Through Life in collaboration with toy company Famosa, Insectum - Epic Battles of Bugs. It is a card strategy game, in which insects will be the main characters. In fact, you will be able to collect up to twelve of these powerful invertebrates, including the praying mantis and the vespa mandarinia (Asian wasp). In addition, there will be a series of arenas, six to be exact, in which these battles will take place, with different scenarios such as Volcano, Jungle and Desert.

There will also be a story mode with 60 challenging levels, each requiring a different strategy to defeat the enemy, be it a carnivorous plant or an incandescent volcano.

On the other hand, it will allow users to play in local multiplayer mode and even decide the length of the game between short, medium or long. Each insect collected will also be collectible and can be evolved. Finally, the studio and the toy manufacturer have confirmed that in autumn we will be able to start building our virtual bug decks, although they have not specified the exact date.

It will be available for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch for €9.99. Check out the trailer below.

Insectum: Epic Battles of Bugs

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