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Dead Space Extraction

Dead Space coming to Nintendo Wii

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During a conference call following an earnings report EA president John Riccitello has confirmed that Wii will be getting a Dead Space game. EA wants to move away from the "weak Wii ports" and hopes to deliver Nintendo level quality with Dead Space for Wii. Riccitello expects Dead Space for Wii to be released within the next year, and it seems that Dead Space will spear head an EA offensive on Wii this year as the giant publisher are reassigning development resources in accordance with the success of Wii.

The details are scarce at this point, but rest assured that further details on the game will be made available soon. The original Dead Space launched on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and was celebrated as one of the biggest surprises of last year.

Dead Space Extraction

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Dead Space Extraction

Dead Space Extraction

NEWS. Written by Bengt Lemne

Will Dead Space Extraction make you scream? According to this piece of art: yes. Check out a video presentation with the senior designer.

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