Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 exclusive to Xbox One

Capcom's latest entry in the series revealed at Microsoft's E3 Conference.

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Josh Bridge and Mike Jones introduce Dead Rising 3. Featuring new hero Nick Ramos and a new open world design, the developers are clearly very excited about the potential in this latest instalment of the popular zombie survival game.


Gameplay showcases brutal melee attacks, environment sensitive character comments, climbing mechanics and breaking into buildings. Zombies are sensitive to noise and movement. Of the many ways to distract them we're promised the one showcased is a flair that the zombies chase into the distance.

Dead Rising 3

After some gunplay we are reminded of the wonderful weapon customisation of earlier games and that almost anything can be a weapon.

Being set in an open city environment navigation is clearly important. Abandoned vehicles provide plenty of opportunities to cut down crowds of the undead. Clearly Ramos has some support, one of the new features is to call in air support.

Dead Rising 3 is to be released this holiday (roughly the same time as the console) and is exclusive to Xbox One.

Dead Rising 3

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