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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight's next chapter dives into the ruthless K-Pop industry

It's not exactly what we were expecting, but it is gruesome.

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The next chapter of Dead by Daylight has been announced, and it seems like the horror-title will be taking a plunge into the ruthless and terrifying world of the K-Pop industry. The new chapter, titled All-Kill is now live on the Public Test Build for the title, where players can now try their hands at the new killer, The Trickster, and the new survivor, Yun-Jin.

The Trickster is a former K-Pop superstar turned murderer, who after intentionally letting his band members die in a fire, became addicted to killing. Yun-Jin on the other hand, is a music producer at the Mightee Record Label (a fictional company), who recruited The Trickster into a K-Pop band, and ultimately discovered the horrific acts the killer was committing.

To ensure the world of K-Pop is shown-off correctly, developer Behaviour Interactive has worked with Kevin Woo from the K-Pop band U-KISS, and Canadian music producer DJ Swivel - who has worked with bands such as BTS beforehand.

The chapter was revealed first at IGN, and as mentioned earlier, is available to play on Public Test Build on PC versions of the game today. The All-Kill chapter will come to other platforms at a later date.

Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive
Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive

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