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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight gets new chapter 'Cursed Legacy' in December

The latest Dead by Daylight chapter 'Cursed Legacy' brings new killer, new survivor and a new map to the game.

After having been teased for the last week or so, the next chapter headed for Behaviour Interactive's co-operative/competitive action horror game Dead by Daylight has officially been revealed as 'Cursed Legacy'. The new chapter hones in on the Yamaoka family, the family of in-game killer 'The Spirit'. In fact, the new killer, Yamaoka Kazan, is the father and murderer of the 'Shattered Bloodline' expansion killer addition Yamaoka Rin.

Apart from Yamaoka Kazan being added as a killer called 'The Oni', the game will also add new survivor Kimura Yui, an exclusive cosmetic for her and a new map called 'Sanctum of Wrath', keeping with the aesthetic known from Shattered Bloodline.

The new chapter will release for PC and consoles on December 3 and will set you back $7.99 should you decide to buy it on release. Check the chapter trailer and some newly-released screenshots out below.

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