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Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale now available on Xbox Insider Hub

Darkflow Software has dished out a taster course for Insider players before the official Xbox One launch.

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Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment recently announced that their battle royale game Cuisine Royale is coming to Xbox One this year, but before the official launch is served up for us to get our teeth into, the game has landed on the Xbox Insider Hub for Insiders to try and provide feedback on.

Cuisine Royale started life as an April Fool's joke, but became a hit with players and is now released as a standalone title on PC via Steam Early Access, providing some food for thought when it comes to the packed battle royale genre.

Alexander Polyakov, Senior Producer at Darkflow Software, had this to say on the game: "Don't be fooled by the kitchen utensils or the bunny slippers, gameplay wise Cuisine Royale is the most realistic battle royale experience you can have on your PC, and now it's coming to Xbox One this year. We are putting out a call to arms to all Xbox players worldwide."

Has this caught your eye before?

Cuisine Royale
Cuisine Royale

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