Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 skin sells for $1 million

While there were requests for double that amount, it still makes the skin the most expensive ever sold.

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In January of this year, a Blue Gem AK-47 was discovered with a one of a kind pattern. It is believed this skin was sitting in the inventory of a collector for some time, but now it has been sold for $1 million.

It isn't currently known who bought the skin, but this transaction is the most anyone has ever paid for a Counter-Strike skin. Considering some have previously bought knives and rare guns for hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is quite a historic moment.

Recently, we reported that the skin could have gone for $2 million, and while there were some requests for that price, it seems that the owner decided to sell it more quickly. Still, $1 million from a single case isn't anything to sniff at.

Counter-Strike 2

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