Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

Corsair is going aggressive with their latest keyboard.

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Corsair has a habit of not only introducing pretty solid products, but also often being willing to price themselves quite competitively below direct competitors. We've witnessed this aggressive strategy on several occasions, which makes it a lot easier for us reviewers to recommend Corsair over so much else, as the "tax" that you find on much of Razer's gear, for example, doesn't really exist.

And now they're doing it again. Their new K65 Plus Wireless, a 75% keyboard with hot-swap switches, great details and support for both Windows and Mac via either 2.4GHz or Bluetooth for $159.99.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

The frame itself is made of plastic, heavy plastic yes, but still plastic, which is a bit disappointing, as Keychron in particular manages to deliver far more for the money, but Corsair has chosen to focus on the aspects they know their users care about. First and foremost, the keyboard switches are Corsair's own MLX Red, and they are lubricated from the factory, i.e. "pre-lubricated", which both removes virtually all noise from every keystroke, but makes the whole process much more fluid and dynamic. It's immensely satisfying, it has to be said.

Although the keyboard's caps are not double-shot, so it's not really possible to say whether wear and tear over years of use will eventually rub off letters and symbols, Corsair promises that these caps are PBT "dye-sublimated", so the symbols are not painted on the outside, but underneath a layer.

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As I said, it's 75%, so it's space-saving without a numpad, but with the arrow keys in a separate position. They have also made room for an extremely well-designed wheel with a nubbed metal edge, which can of course be programmed through iCUE to do whatever you want.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

There's a switch on the back to select either Mac or Windows, and you can connect with either 2.4GHz through an included dongle, or just regular Bluetooth. Either way, you get AES encryption, and battery life is, according to Corsair, up to 266 hours if you switch off the RGB. Because yes, there's per-key RGB, which means you don't have to sacrifice wild effects just because you've saved a little.

There's actually a lot to love here, because Corsair has chosen an aggressive price point without sacrificing much actual functionality. Sure, the RGB doesn't shine through the symbols, and the frame itself lacks weight, but these are small things compared to delivering such satisfying switches with such a wide range of connectivity options.

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