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Path of Exile

Confirmed: Path of Exile is heading to PlayStation 4

December release confirmed by Grinding Gear Games.

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After Path of Exile looks to be heading towards PS4" title="Gamereactor" target="_blank">recent clues</a> sugggested as much, Grinding Gear Games has confirmed some good news for PS4-owning fans of the action-RPG genre, by officially announcing the impending release of popular PC and Xbox title Path of Exile on PlayStation 4.

But wait, there's more! The game is about to get expanded, with news on that front sent to land sometime next week. Whatever it is, GGG is building up hype ahead of the release Version 3.5.0 and are calling it "the largest expansion this year." That expansion is set to land on December 7, and the dev is saying that the PlayStation 4 version of the free-to-play ARPG is set to drop later on in the same month.


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