The Long Journey Home

Complete crew reports in for The Long Journey Home

10 very different crew members to pick from.

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Daedalic Entertainment has revealed the complete crew who will report for duty and mission to a galaxy far away in the promising strategy slash RPG slash adventure hybrid known as The Long Journey Home . The crew has ten members altogether: Dr. Miri Wagner (Applied Physicst), Simon Castillo (Vice President, Schiaparelli Mining Group), Professor Nikolay Lebedev (Researcher), Benoit Verdier (Theoretical Physicist), Kirsten Barrasso (Astronaut), Dr. Siobhan Hartigan (Archeologist), Dr. Ashwin Malhotra (Botanist), Alessandra Iacovelli (Engineer), Zoe Creed (Student/Blogger) und Malcom Winters (Test Pilot).

One of the more interesting features of The Long Journey Home is that you pick four crew members for each playthrough and their individual skills will shape the path you take through the procedurally generated adventure.

The Long Journey Home

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