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F1 2017

Codemasters introduces Photo Mode to F1 2017 on consoles

As well as a new spectator mode.

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F1 2017 developer Codemasters has announced a new patch for the racing game, with not only cosmetic changes for fans to enjoy but also some new tweaks and improvements.

Patch 1.9 is available now for the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and brings Photo Mode to consoles, allowing players to save and share shots from the game. There's also a TV-style broadcast element on the left hand side of the screen for those who want it too, as well as statistics like fastest lap time and number of pit stops.

"As a spectator, you will now be able to control what information is shown. You can also see live timing for the car you are watching, fastest laps, as well as sector specific yellow flags. If you do not want to see any of this information as a spectator, though, you will be able to disable this as you please," the press release explains.

For more on the patch visit Codemasters' blog. Do you like the sounds of this photo mode?

F1 2017

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