Civilization VII

Civilization VII announcement leaks ahead of Summer Game Fest

A banner for the game was quickly posted then deleted.

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Tonight, Summer Game Fest kicks off and there is a lot of speculation about what we will see as well as official hints - but also outright leaks.

One of the latter comes from 2K Games, who have promised to show a new game in one of their most beloved franchises. There has been a lot of speculation that it would be Borderlands 4, Mafia 4 or Bioshock 3 - but the fact is that it seems to be something completely different.

2K Games accidentally posted a banner for Civilization VII (which was announced without a title last year) on its website earlier today, which was quickly removed when noticed. Reddit users managed to save the image evidence, though, which you can check out here.

So, expect Civilization VII to be one of the big presentations of the night - though perhaps not quite as surprising as it might have been had someone at 2K Games not accidentally posted the banner.

Civilization VII

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