Civilization V

Civilization V is coming to US high schools

It will allow students to recreate historical events and analyse several ramifications.

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Firaxis and GlassLab have announced a special project inspired by Civilization that will put the game in US schools in the autumn/fall of 2017. It will be a modified version of Civilization V, and it will allow students to recreate historical events in the game. They will be able to assess economic and technological ramifications of the choices they make, and interact within several military, political, and socio-economic parameters.

CivilizationEDU will also include an analysis engine to consider the progress of students and their ability to solve possible problems arising during the game. Teachers who join the project will have access to guides on the game, and statistics on students.

Sounds like a good idea, but will we ever see CivilizationEDU in Europe?

Civilization V

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