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Call of Duty: Ghosts - Stockholm Launch Event

Watch the livestream from yesterday.

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We livestreamed three hours from the Stockholm Call of Duty: Ghosts launch event. This is our recording (fat trimmed) version of the livestream that offered some great examples of both great and not so great play.


The event in Stockholm featured a celebrity tournament (teams of six with one celebrity as captain and a pro player as an anchor) for charity (winner was given 50,000 SEK for their charity of choice). In the beginning you'll see group matches in Cranked (played on Octane), and we followed the celebrity player, which sometimes meant less than stellar play. Semifinals featured Domination on Stonehaven and Warhawk and the second game of the second semifinal had one of the largest score differentials we've ever seen (200-39). So if you're into that kind of one-sided beatdowns - skip ahead.

However, in the finals we watched pro player on the winning team (Team Mange Schmidt) Henrik "Henkie" Andersson who went on a real tear that included some sweet streaks and stabbed a dog kill (which he felt a little bad about afterwards).

A couple of time marks that may be of interest (if you're not watching the whole thing):

116:45 Interview with Jesse Buchanan, Infinity Ward

126:10 Final starts (Henrik "Henkie" Andersson playing)

138:00 Interview with Henrik "Henkie" Andersson

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