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Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 runs a lot better on Xbox One than on Xbox 360

Framerate sticks to the 60 mark on Microsoft's new console.

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Remember when Call of Duty wasn't about space ships, drones and exo skeletons? Back in the day developers Infinity Ward started the series as a WW2 shooter and along with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare the second game, Call of Duty 2, is still to this day one of the most highly regarded games in the franchise.

Recently the Xbox 360 classic was made available on Xbox One via its backwards compatibility so that fans could relive it on their modern consoles. And thanks to Digital Foundry we have even more good news.

It turns out that the game runs considerably better on Xbox One than it did on Xbox 360. On 360 the framerate was often cut in half, trodding along on the 30 frames per second mark, but on Xbox One the framerate very rarely goes below the 60 mark. There's a couple of minor hiccups here and there, but overall it's very smooth and solid.

So this is one of those cases where you can play the game on Xbox One and have a great experience, even better than the one you may remember thanks to the backwards compatibility.

Call of Duty 2

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