Dante's Inferno

Booth babes up for grabs

Has EA gone too far this time?

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EA got into a bit of hot water over a new PR stunt for Dante's Inferno at Comic-Con in San Diego last week. You may recall EA had some people dress up to fake a religious protest against the game during E3 in Los Angeles and this time their target was booth babes. In a competition open to visitors of Comic-Con dubbed "Sin to Win", where visitors were asked to take pictures of themselves and booth babes for a chance to win a night out with two of the Dante's Inferno girls, a limo ride and a "chest full of booty"...

Dante's Inferno

Apart from the obvious tackiness of the competition EA have been criticised for including any and all booth babes in the competition. EA's Dante's Inferno team issued an apology on twitter, clearing some of the issue up.

Dante's Inferno

It should of course have been clear to begin with. It was a bad idea... What's next? Obese booth babes that eat sausages for five days straight during Gamescom in Cologne? I shouldn't be giving these guys any ideas...

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