Blue's Ultimate Streaming Bundle

Blue has released a microphone / headset combo for you streamers out there.

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Not too long ago, livestreaming was a concept that, while popular, represented a distant future in terms of technology. We all watched streaming on the internet, but all of the broadcasts were professional, expensive, and clearly not a prospect for everyone. As we steadily moved forward in time, though, both PlayStation and Xbox implemented streaming into their respective machines, and various bits of recording software became easier to control on PC, meaning streaming has now become second nature.

Streaming is now so easy, in fact, and so manageable, that sharing your game with friends and strangers alike are even custom built into many games. But if you want your broadcast to stand out, what hardware should you actually use?

Queue Blue Microphone, a brand that's quickly become synonymous with quality streaming equipment. Their standard microphones are found everywhere these days, from esports shows to YouTube haul videos. They have, like Apple, become a symbol, both as a quality product and as a fashion item.

Now they're going even deeper with the release of their Ultimate Streaming Bundle, a complete kit containing a black version of the Yeti microphone and a special pair of over-ear MoFI headphones. It's a complete set that provides you with everything you could possibly need to set up a quality show or podcast, and we obviously quite like it.

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First of all, the Yeti series has always been sturdy, and this one is no different, what with it being a black variant of the hugely popular series, favoured in particular with streamers and podcasters. However, it's the balance between pricing and quality that we like the most. This is a very capable microphone, and it comes at a very affordable price point, so if you're after studio-quality sound at a price that won't make your wallet weep salty tears, then look no further.

Blue's Ultimate Streaming Bundle

If, like us, you enjoy streaming your gaming exploits, either on Facebook, Twitch, or even on Gamereactor, then you'll find the Blackout Yeti has all the features you need. One big part of this is that you can adjust the direction of the microphone, both physically and via the mic's different pattern settings (these being cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo). It's easy to find a mix that'll suit both your voice, and the manner in which you want to use the microphone too. We record a lot of voiceovers here at the office, and the Blackout Yeti is particularly good at this, thanks to a variety of settings that can be used to customise your experience, including a dial that lets you control gain directly from the microphone.

The Blackout Yeti is also very easy to use, which is always a plus, as it's a simple plug in and play setup, powered via USB. Getting set up is a breeze, and it won't take long before you're up and running, although getting to grips with the various settings, and really maximising the sound quality of your recordings, will take a little bit of time as you adapt to your requirements and the environment you're using.

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The only negative, and it's a not a huge issue, is the size on the microphone. The stand is rather chunky, which makes it a cumbersome piece of kit, however, a result of this is that it's also sturdy and robust. In terms of transporting it around, it might not be the most convenient piece of equipment on your desktop, but at least it's solidly built and not likely to break. The positioning of the microphone can be adjusted via dials either side of the stand, and after long term use these eventually become a little loose and require semi-regular tightening, but again, this is a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.

The headset follows the same design philosophy, and sacrifices size and agility for sturdiness and build quality. The MoFI may appear chunky and cumbersome to wear, but this is a headset which doesn't crush your skull during extended usage, and is always comfortable, which is more important.

All in all, Blue has delivered yet another fantastic Yeti microphone, and together with the headset, this is one of the finest bundles around for upcoming streamers. For a relatively small price you can invest in a bundle that gives you excellent quality, as it's versatile, well built, customisable, and available for a competitive price when considered against the quality that it offers. We presume it's pretty clear by now why Gamereactor uses them, right?

Blue's Ultimate Streaming Bundle
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9 / 10
Sturdy design on both microphone and headset, Lots of customisation options, Easy to use, Headset is comfortable, Can control the microphone easily.
Microphone is quite big, Dials for movement of microphone can get a little loose after a while, MoFI could be considered a little big.
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