Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls to support co-op

New app designed to appeal to casual gamers, plus new screens.

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Previously considered a single-player only experience, it has been revealed that Beyond: Two Souls will support two players playing cooperatively.

The main player will control the movements and actions of protagonist Jodie Holmes, while the other will control mysterious spirit entity Aiden.

The innovative co-op experience was revealed by Quantic Dream founder David Cage at Gamescom. Rather than both players using a traditional control pad, the second player can join in with their smart phone after downloading the free ‘Beyond Touch' app.

Beyond: Two Souls
Beyond: Two Souls

Only one character can be controlled at a time. Players will change which player is in control at the touch of a button to ensure the games pacing isn't compromised regardless of how many players are involved.

The app is little more than a blank screen, with no buttons or on-screen sticks. By sliding a finger around the screen like a touchpad players can move the in-game character. Clearly this control scheme must be a bit tricky as the game automatically switches to easy mode when the ‘Beyond Touch' app is in use.

Cage reportedly said that the touchscreen feature is intended to appeal to casual players or people who don't regularly play video games.

While it's possible to use the iOS or Android app in single-player, Cage did comment that for the best experience fans will want to use the Dualshock controller.

Beyond: Two SoulsBeyond: Two Souls
Beyond: Two Souls
Beyond: Two Souls
Beyond: Two SoulsBeyond: Two SoulsBeyond: Two SoulsBeyond: Two Souls
Beyond: Two SoulsBeyond: Two Souls

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