Dead by Daylight

Behaviour: Dead by Daylight is "richer than it's ever been"

Mathieu Côté joins us in PAX East to discuss DBD.

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Despite regular content drops, including several based on famous horror franchises, Mathieu Côté from Behaviour Interactive teased us during PAX East by telling us that the studio has "so much more coming" to Dead by Daylight.

"We kept adding so much more content and fixing things and adding features [...] and mechanics that were needed at the beginning, and it's still twenty bucks," Côté explained when talking about everything that has done to the game in the nearly two years since it first launched on PC.

"I mean, we've added more content and DLC, but even if you don't buy it, it means you have so many more characters, so many more killers that can come and kill you. The game is richer than it's ever been."


The success of Dead by Daylight, which has more players now than ever before according to Côté, doesn't mean that the studio is looking at making a sequel: "There's no reason for us to get distracted by trying to start from scratch [...] This is good. We'll keep making it better," he told us.

Indeed, while there's no sign of a sequel to Dead by Daylight, the studio is working on a new game. Deathgarden was announced earlier this month, and we've included the announcement trailer below. Check it out to see how Behaviour is looking to further explore asymmetrical multiplayer and action-horror, and stay tuned to Gamereactor for more on this intriguing title.


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