Dragon Age: Origins

Be a darkspawn in Dragon Age

Darkspawn Chronicles DLC out this month

EA and Bioware have announced Darkspawn Chronicles the next DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. The DLC explores an alternate take on the events in Dragon Age: Origins, where the character you played as died during the joining ceremony and never became a grey warden. You play as a hurlock vanguard and command hordes of darkspawn as Denerim burns and falls.

Dragon Age: Origins

Bullet points galore! (courtesy of press release)

- Imagine a world without heroes, where the greatest among you never became a Grey Warden.
- Play through the Fall of Denerim from the perspective of the darkspawn.
- Complete the module and unlock an epic darkspawn item for use in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
- Use the "Enthrall" ability - recruit any darkspawn you encounter into your party.

Dragon Age: Origins

Darkspawn Chronicles will be released on PC and Xbox Live on May 18 for 400 Microsoft points / Bioware points, and at a later (undisclosed) date on PS3.

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