Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen to have an Enhanced version and release new content in 2024

Sales have not been going well, but Deck 13 and Focus believe there is still hope for the game.

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The delay we experienced earlier this year with Atlas Fallen was good for the game, as the developers at Deck 13 made good use of the time by polishing those parts of the gameplay that I had the most problems with in my first impressions of the game. Months later, during the game's review, I was able to corroborate that the experience had improved, although other problems were also revealed, in addition to a rather short duration.

Be that as it may, Altas Fallen is not a bad game, although it hasn't sold as well as Focus and the studio had hoped. Nevertheless, they're going to keep fighting for it, and in a recent financial report from the publisher, Focus announces that they will release an 'Enhanced' version of Atlas Fallen and new content in the first half of fiscal year 2024 (between April and September next year).

It is currently unknown what kind of content will be added to the game, but let's hope that they continue to choose to expand the map and side quests, as exploration and movement are two of the strengths of their adventure.

Atlas Fallen is available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Atlas Fallen

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