Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen requests extra time and delays its launch to August

Deck 13 wants to improve the cooperative experience and combat after feedback in recent weeks.

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Atlas Fallen was going to be one of the highlights of this spring, despite not having a very strong advertising campaign. The open-world A-RPG had a rich story in its narrative, but didn't offer a commensurate experience in its combat systems, something we mentioned when we tested it for our preview.

It seems that in the study they are aware of these problems, in addition to the fact that one of their main assets (the cooperative) has not been able to be tested in this build. Therefore, Deck 13 has decided to delay the global release of Atlas Fallen from May 16 to August 10.

According to the tweet, we can expect news in one of the summer events (if E3 finally takes place, after the abandonment of some large companies this week) and a look at that cooperative mode that the studio is committed to improving in this extra time. .

This decision seems wise, and gives us new hope that Atlas Fallen is the game they promised it would be.

Atlas Fallen

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