Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet unveils the 2016 Guild Wars 2 World Championship

Six teams will fight over a prize pool of $200,000 this September.

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ArenaNet is holding the biggest ever world championship in Guild Wars 2 this September. Six top teams from around the world will head to Burbank, California to fight for a prize pool of $200,000, with the winner taking home a cool $100,000.

ArenaNet is working with ESL to run the world championship, and the finals will take place in their studios.

Qualifiers for the world championship will begin in August and take place online. The top six teams from the currently on-going Guild Wars 2 Pro League season 2 will all receive invites for the qualifier.

All games will be streamed on the Guild Wars Twitch channel. For more info on the world championship, stop by competitive.guildwars2.com.

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