Anno 1800

Anno 1800 gets free trial for Gamescom

Ubisoft also revealed that the second DLC, titled Botanica, will be releasing next month as well.

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Ubisoft announced yesterday at Gamescom that Anno 1800 is free to play until August 26, letting players try the game and get a taste of the upcoming day and night cycle, coming as a free update for all players on September 10.

What's more is that the second DLC called Botanica will also be releasing on September 10, but for now all you need to do to play is head on over to Uplay to try Anno 1800 for free. Here you can try the first three tiers of the sandbox mode as well as the multiplayer mode.

In the Botanica DLC you can build a modular Botanical Garden to attract tourists, featuring new items and rewards, as well as a Musical Pavilion too. This comes after the game received the Sunken Treasures DLC earlier this year as well, expanding Anno 1800's offering.

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Anno 1800

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