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Anno 1800's Sunken Treasures DLC lands with new trailer

A new Third Party character called Old Nate comes on board, as well as plenty of other features with this expansion.

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Ubisoft and Blue Byte have just expanded the offering of Anno 1800 with the Sunken Treasures DLC, ushering in a new European session called Cape Trelawney, which is a landmass three times as large as the biggest islands of the base game that features 300 grids of coastline, with more natural resources and fertilities too.

A new Third Party character called Old Nate also comes along with this DLC too, as well as a new game mechanic in which you can hunt for sunken shipwrecks to bring Nate construction materials for his experiments, allowing for new items to increase the potential of your empire. There are over 100 new items with this DLC, in fact, like inventions, quest items, specialists, and new sets for the museum and zoo.

To play Sunken Treasures you'll need to have reached the third Civilization Level, and you can expect even more content after launch, as the team is preparing free updates and the Season Pass content, which includes the Sunken Treasures, Botanica, and The Passage DLCs.

Will you be hunting for treasure?

Anno 1800
Anno 1800Anno 1800

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