Dead Space Remake

An EA survey is asking if we want Dead Space 2 and 3 remakes

It'd be hard to find someone who's going to say no to this.

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Following the success of the Dead Space Remake, there was a lot of assumption that EA and Motive would at least look at the idea of remaking the other titles in the iconic horror IP. While nothing was made official, from a new survey spotted online it seems EA is certainly interested in more remakes.

The survey asks if you'd be interested in a remake of Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. There are some who would prefer a game that instead continues the story past Dead Space 3, but considering the success of the remake, it would certainly be interesting to see the older titles get some love.

Of course, with EA testing the waters in this survey, it's unlikely there's a big plan to have Dead Space 2 and 3 remakes with us anytime soon. Still, if there's enough of a positive response to the survey, we could get remakes of the whole trilogy.

Would you want to see a Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 remake?

Dead Space Remake

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