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Lego Dimensions

All we know about Lego Dimensions Season Two

Lego Dimensions' battle arenas also shown off in new trailer.

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Lego Dimensions' battle arenas have been shown off in a new trailer and Season Two of Lego Dimensions also kicks off today, giving fans a lot to be excited about. Here we will give you all you need to know about Season Two.

The first thing you need to know is that Wave Six kicks off Season Two, containing six packs (one of which is a new pack type) as well as a new starter pack. This new one is exclusive for PlayStation 4 and contains a Supergirl minifigure. The other new pack, however, is a story pack for Ghostbusters, being essentially a better version of a level pack and giving a new 'Gateway Build' you can build replace with the Portal you can get in a Standard Starter Pack. You don't need to get a new Starter Pack to play any of this content, though, and your game should update itself.

Here are the packs released in Wave 6, all of which unlock three new achievements/trophies each:

- Ghostbusters Story Pack
- Adventure Time Level Pack
- Mission Impossible Level Pack
- Adventure Time Team Pack
- Harry Potter Team Pack
- A-Team Fun Pack

Wave 7 is also due November 18 and will include more packs:

- Fantastic Beasts Story Pack
- Sonic The Hedgehog Level Pack
- Gremlins Team Pack
- E.T. Fun Pack
- Fantastic Beasts Fun Pack

Wave 7.5 is also confirmed and will feature even more packs on February 10:

- Lego Batman Film Story Pack
- Lego Batman Fun Pack
- Knight Rider Fun Pack
- Marceline Fun Pack

In terms of what's next, Game Director Arthur Parsons has said that other intellectual properties are coming next year, including Goonies, Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go. He also said that there around around 22 packs coming in Season 2 altogether.

Are you excited for the future of Lego Dimensions?

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