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All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall

The futuristic All Walls Must Fall has just been released in Early Access this week, and we take a look at what the title has to offer.

Berlin, the year 2089. The Cold War never ended and has shaped our society over the last 150 years. Meanwhile, the Eastern bloc and the West are using futuristic technology to manipulate time itself, interfering in every action of the other side. The threat of an imminent nuclear attack forces the two hostile powers to send their best agents into the past in order to find the puppet master behind all this and prevent disaster.

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All Walls Must FallAll Walls Must Fall

This is the background to All Walls Must Fall, an indie roguelike made by three people at Inbetweengames. They describe their title as "Xcom meets Braid" and this comparison rings true, as they borrowed their cover system mechanics and the general strategic approach from Xcom, while Braid brings with it time manipulation. The Berlin studio then adds a Tech-Noir atmosphere to this, providing a personal touch and mixing it all into one cohesive playing experience.

In the beat of the music our character Kai jumps over the dance floor in the club, because we spend most of the time in these kinds of establishments during the first part of the adventure. What Kai's role is and what motives he has remains shrouded in mystery for the time being, but in the way of classic strategy games we move our character on a grid pattern seen from an isometric perspective. What clues Kai hopes to uncover among partying guests and why we concentrate our search mainly to the night scene was unfortunately not clear to us during our session with the game, but perhaps that context is something the developers will add later on.

The clubs are randomly generated and as a result you'll never enter the same room twice, so starting over (this will happen a lot) always offers something different. The random nature of these rooms, however, has its faults. For example, areas are made up of narrowly arranged objects which sometimes feel misplaced, and often we find ourselves in rooms which are very confusing from our isometric perspective, which makes the battles even more difficult.

All Walls Must Fall

Contrary to the Xcom model where we can lose our team members permanently if we lose focus, Inbetweengames uses the permadeath feature way more offensively and invalidates our save file if we do a slight mistake. In this game time is available as a resource to us and if it runs out or if we die in a shoot out it's "Game Over" and we have to restart the entire campaign from scratch.

All Walls Must FallAll Walls Must Fall
All Walls Must FallAll Walls Must Fall